'THAT' confetti shot

So you're planning your wedding, you know you want confetti and you've seen numerous shots on Pinterest of 'THAT' shot, couples smiling and confetti flooding the air. For so many of my couples, this is one of the most important things about their day and I get lots of questions ask about what they need to do to get it right.

Believe it or not, quite a bit of thought goes into this shot, and I'm here to make sure that you know exactly how to create the image you've dreamt of.

Read below for my tips on how to NAIL it...

  • Double check your venue's restrictions on confetti. Some venues don't like you to do this in certain locations, for example, the church in the image here would only let you do it at the side of the church and not the entrance. Some also have a policy on confetti that is bio-degradable and will only let you use this type so these are all things worth knowing before you go ahead and purchase anything.
  • Keep us in the loop. As your photographer, we basically plan this moment alongside your your/venue's wedding planner. We need to know which entrance you're leaving out of straight after the ceremony and which way the guests will leave. This ensures that we can keep every one moving and organised before you get out there with them.
  • Have the confetti ready for your guests as they leave the ceremony room/church. If you have confetti in baskets, have someone designated to stand next to it and issue it to your guests. As they issue it, they need to tell everyone who has confetti that they will need to stand at the front of the lines to make sure the confetti is thrown in the right place. If someone has it too far back, it won't make it to you! Most of the time your venue will have this designated person, however double check this when you're chatting with them. It's an important moment not to get right.
  • ORDER LOADS - Even if you order a lot, it's probably not enough. This is definitely one area that more is always better and you will thank yourselves in the long run. The more people that have confetti to throw, the better the change of getting THAT shot.
  • When everyone leaves the ceremony, as I said previously, everyone needs to line up at the front of they have confetti and form two lines either side of either an entrance, or designated place, so that you can walk right through the middle of them. For example, for the image here, we were not allowed to throw confetti right outside Cardiff City Hall, so we headed across to the grass opposite. Guests formed two lines and Gareth + Izzy walked through the centre where everyone at the front could throw the confetti.
  • DON'T BE AFRAID OF THE CONFETTI - This might sound like a mad one, but DO NOT DUCK. It is human nature to duck as something is going to be landing on you but trust me, do your very best to either look forward or at each other and ignore the fact the confetti is being thrown. You will 100% have confetti in your hair, face, dress and suit but that's okay! Embrace it and enjoy.
  • Guests - Throw UP not AT. This is always something I will tell your guests before you start walking. If you have confetti, you need to throw it directly up and over so that it falls nicely. If you throw it AT the bride and groom, it will sure as anything make them flinch and really not enjoy what's happening. If you've been a guest and you're planning your wedding reading this, you probably know what I mean!
  • Lastly... It's not a race. Walk slow, look at each other, look forward, look at your guests and take your time. Take in this moment as it is actually so magical and when you get to the end of the crowd, stop, take a look over at each other and have a kiss. YOU DID IT - YOU'RE NOW OFFICIALLY A MARRIED COUPLE and this is your time to celebrate that straight out of the ceremony, surrounded by your people.

And there you have it, my tips for THAT confetti shot. Main things to do before your day, buy LOADS - even if you think you have enough, buy more - and speak to your venue about where and who will be available to hand it out. Essentially, the rest is up to me. I hope you found this helpful and has got you super excited to capture this moment on YOUR day.