Styled Shoots

And why we do them...

A lot of people have asked me what a 'styled wedding shoot' is and what is the point in them? Why do we waste our time shooting fake weddings?

Well here's the thing, they're so much fun!

You get to meet so many wonderful people, you gain inspiration from each other and honestly, it's nice to have company for a full day. I've also come away from many of these shoots with life long friends.

Self employment can be seriously lonely, especially during 2020, which has been the year of the lockdown.

Not only are we self employed, we're stuck at home and unable to do what we love.

'So why are going to workshops with other photographers? Aren't you competition?!'

I've honestly never been a believer in competition when it comes to photography. It's something I struggled with for a long time and found that meeting people who do the same thing, and have the same passion, is the absolute best feeling in the world. I first discovered this when I went travelling to Canada and the US a few years ago. I knew no one and went totally alone. However, Instagram was my saviour. I travelled to different states meeting different people, people I'd only ever met on Insta and we had a blast.

The photography industry has such a sense of 'community' and the wedding industry is no different.

Yes, I'm competitive as a person and yes, we are all in a very saturated market BUT, we're all unique and different people who majority of the time, are friends.

These shoots also get me super excited for my real life couples. I get to practice poses, test different editing techniques and test out locations that I can later recommend. This also applies to the suppliers involved. Typically, someone will have an idea, create a mood board and then gather people together to make that vision a reality. This also helps us recommend each other if someone is looking for a particular service or style, as we have experience first hand what that supplier is like in real life.

So yeah, that's a snippet of what they are and why we do them.

Got any more questions? Ask away!