Llyn Idwal Elopement

Where do I even begin with this epic elopement? The two of you, running off into the Welsh mountains to say your vows and celebrate YOU... what is better than that?!

Well, in my opinion, nothing! I genuinely think if I was to get married, it would be like this.

This isn't the first time I've taken a couple into the mountains, and it sure as hell won't be my last.

This elopement session was actually as part of the Workshops by Lark retreat that I signed up for before lockdown. Honestly, the fact that I had this to look forward to during those months definitely got me through the creative slump I found myself in. If you are a photographer reading this and are even considering a workshop, check these guys out! They make sure everything you do on the day/retreats is different to the next, which really spices up your content, especially during these tough times when you need it the most.

This session also made me fall head over heels for the idea of Elopements and I know, with everything going on in the world this is something you all are considering.

One of my couples who has postponed their big day are still getting married this year, just the two of them, with a couples session to go with it.

I mean, why wouldn't you do that?! It's a win, win PLUS if you still want the big day, do that next year.

There are so many fabulous suppliers well up for helping you do this, people like Rebecca Marie Weddings who can help you style your smaller day in such a unique and special way.

I know it sucks having to change your plans but every one of us is here to make sure your day/days are magical in every way, so just let us know if you're thinking of doing things a little differently to what you originally planned and we're there with you, every step of the way!

I'm also looking at putting a ceremony + couples session package together to make this easier for you to do.

This way you can marry now, party later.

If you're looking to get your date booked, or just want to have a chat about your options, hit me up.