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Why don't you do posed studio shots?

In short, it's not for me. I can't relate to it + I find it hella awkward for everyone involved. They take HOURS to do, you're constantly moving and messing your little one around and the studio needs to be a million degrees, which just isn't nice. I've worked as part of a newborn studio and It's just not my style. If you've always followed my work, you know that to me, natural is the only way to go.

Being at your home, in your environment, doing what you do together as a new little family is just so much more relaxing for you and this always shows in the photos. Nothing against posed photos, when they're done well, they're lovely, just nowhere near as emotive as natural photos and there are no real moments to capture.

Doing these photos for Caroline + Lee was just amazing. Hallie was born in lockdown so we did wonder if we would be able to get them done. These were also super special to me because Caroline is one of my best friends from uni so to be able to capture these made my heart so full.