Charlotte & Luc

This is the weirdest post to write as I'm now playing catch up on work I've been doing for the past year. I have always known how important a blog post is to a business but it's something I've been so bad at keeping up with since re-designing the website. So anyway, this incredible couple are not only clients at this point, they are now my friends and they will be popping up in more posts along the way.

I first met Charlotte & Luc in the cutest little tearoom in Neath town centre. They had contacted me about shooting their wedding party at home as they were getting married in Greece. As soon as I met them, I felt like I'd known them my whole life and I couldn't wait to be part of their (second) special day.

The party was held at Aberdullais Golf Club in Neath and they decorated the Marquee perfectly and they arrived in the most amazing old school police car you will ever see.

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